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Nail Problems That Are Indicators Of General Body Problem

Having good looking and well maintained nails is quite a good feeling. Having healthy nails have been known to show that you are healthy and that that you should not be very much worried about your health. However having nail problem is an indication of something wrong in your body. Nail abnormalities are common. However, nail abnormalities are often not taken serious as they are attributed to shoes and also age. Attributing nail abnormalities to shoes nor is age is not true as one get to learn more about it on this website. Some of these flaws are indicators of health problems. If you’ve noticed odd changes in your nails, check out these top nail problems and protect your health.

Nails becoming yellow in color. Discoloration-the yellowing of your nails-denotes several things. The lesser may mean something as simple as aging or overuse of nail polish. However at times, nail discoloration could be an indicator of health problems. One should always seek medical help when such occur. If not, pay close attention to your nails. Also having cracked and fragile nails are also a sign. This clubbed issue occurs when one has curved toe or finger edges. This relates to an inadequate oxygen-rich blood supply. At times this nail problem is hereditary. But if you weren’t born with clubbed nails and they develop later in age, have them checked.

Spoon nails. Healthy toe and finger nails have a pink nail plate with white nails that grow off the nail bed. A sign that you’ve developed spooned nails is curving at the ends of your nails.Spooned nails are indicators of lack of iron and liver issues.

A white spotting on your nails. Contrary to popular belief, white spots in the nails have nothing to with calcium deficiency. White spots mean trauma. This is mainly caused by nail damages. As a result of an auto repair system, the body dumped small deposits of calcium. One should also look out for Beau’s nails. the occurrence of these type of nails is an indicator of stress. Nail pitting is also another bail problem you should look for. Nail pitting indicates occurrence of small amounts of nail indentations. This at times is an indicator of psoriasis and thus one should seek medical attention immediately.

Occurrence of brown, yellow or purple nails. Nails turning in color call for primary care. These are indicators of a number of health issues. In some instances it only indicates nail bruising. But allow a professional to diagnose that. Individuals should also be careful whenever nail fungus occur. It’s as serious as it sounds. One should seek consultation whenever they occur.

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